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Aurora's Fog ...is an adult RPG game with unique story, interesting gameplay features and plenty of adult content.

The game takes place in the Kingdom Aurora in a parallel Universe. In this Kingdom live inhabitants of different races, each of which has its own work, interests and character.





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Version 33

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are any scenes animated?

Yes, there are several adult scenes in the game.

how to you gather more water?

awesome game BTW

Thank you for feedback! You can find some bottles in the Alice house (starting building). I will add trader in the future updates + ability to craft water.

nice thanks for the fast reply .

ceep up the good work :)

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I'm afraid I cannot bring myself to play this game without the ability to invert the mouse horizontal look. I have a feeling many may feel the same, maybe not, but either way, I strongly suggest it. I also wish I could play as a female, but I can understand if you don't want to do that yet, if at all. Still, from what I played so far, very good looking game. I hope this turns out well!

Hi! Thank you for feedback! I've never encountered the need to invert mouse horizontal look before, so I didn't add it to the game. Could you explain what this is for?

it's for peace of mind. Playing without it just feels wrong since I've been playing with it for so long I can't play without it.  You can blame my parents for that, but still, it just feels right to invert the vertical mouse aim. I appologise if this isn't a very good explanation. I was never good with words. 

Alright, I will add option "Mouse Invert" to the options menu in the future update. Should it invert only vertical aim?

Some games also allow you to invert horrizontal. It can be there if people want it, but I personally don't see why. Still, inclusive additions can be nice if there are people who do use it. But I won't make a fuss about horrizontal inverting.

I'd have to agree, it comes down to personal preference. Whether it's used on a large scale or not, i still think inversion of mouse aim (both horizontal and vertical) should be there, just so people have the option should it make it more comfortable to them. That and, the more comfortable people are playing the game, the more likely they are to enjoy/endorse it :


Do you have or plan a tutorial?   I have figured out most of how to do things but I haven't a clue on how your MC is supposed to sleep.

Hi. Yes, i plan to make an in-game tutorial soon. And in order to sleep, you need to use a haystack, not a bed, because you are not at the right level of relations with the Feline's village.

thanks for the quick reply

Where is this hay? I don't recall seeing any plus it's pitch black

It is just to the left of the fishing pier. It is actually a bale of hay.

I have only gotten Alice's scene, I feel like I am soft locked, is there any other content that I am missing?


The game has replayability. To open other poses, you need to select other answers in dialogues.

Do we need different attributes

Yes, different attributes or answers. Your answers can affect the relationship with the girl.

so all the scenes are in this update?

What do you mean by saying "all the scenes"?

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Hey my pc supports directx 11 but its vram is 128mb ......

so..... will this game work in my pc ?

Hi! I'm not sure, but I would advise you to try it. The game has texture streaming, it can help if you don't have enough video ram.

I'll try and tell.  :)

Anything to be done?

Does your video card support DirectX 11?

Sadly, nope.

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I'm sorry, but You need DirectX 11 support to play the game. Anyway in the near future, I plan to make a version for low-end PCs. In the meantime, I would advise you to try Adult Demo, it has a version for low-end PCs.

Good to know, thanks mate. Shall have to keep checking back.


As soon as I open I see a black screen


i cant even get past the character creation portion after i click finish nothing happen

Hi. Did you use all attribute points (BODY menu) and set your name?

yeah i did actually i tried putting them in all different ways too unless do you need a last name too

tried the last name thing still no good

Could you add me to the Discord so that we can discuss the issue in more detail? AF Discord


Fell off the edge of the map, and had to restart. Can a "stuck" button be made in the menu that can put you back on the map? Thanks :3

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I'm not sure it's necessary. The world map will be expanded, and the save system will be improved. But thanks for you feedback!

I really like this game. I am a little confused as to what i am supposed to do. Is there a guide or walkthrough that can guide me in the right direction? Also when it comes to the sex scenes am i just supposed to lie there? Or are there ways i can control it?

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Hi! I'm glad you've liked the game! I developing the game alone, that's why it has so little amount of content. About adult scenes: yes, in this version you can only lie and watch. In previous version there was a mini game, but all players liked it and it was removed.

Found a bug where after the first mermaid girl scene the camera stops responding to the mouse and it gets stuck staring in one direction. I was able to fix by talking to someone but still rather annoying.

Fixed this bug in upcoming 0.33, but thanks anyway for reporting!:)

Сейчас столкнулся с багом, что после примирения деревенских и русалок, при разговоре с травницей, когда она хочет отблагодарить за помощь, ничего не происходит, игра виснет, работает только esc и единственное, что остается, это выход в меню и начать заново(сохранение тоже не работает)

Привет! Спасибо что сообщили! Возможно не выключили цензуру? Да и сохранения пока отключены, т.к. работают не корректно.

нет, цензура отключена, с остальными девушками все норм работает, с Алисой оба варианта проверил, все в порядке. А вот с травницей как-то так. И ничего не работает, ничего не копится

Deleted 1 year ago

Исправил. Контроллер не мог найти хвост, который удалялся раньше чем нужно. Обновление загружу в 21-22 по мск.

Спасибо за оперативность

В новой сборке начиная новую игру,столкнулся с багом что нельзя нисчем взаэмодействовать.  

Так, а в каком режиме? В обычном или галерее?

В обычном.

Спасибо, приму к сведению и постараюсь к следующему билду исправить.

Не секрет когда следующий билд? :)

Стараюсь делать по билду в неделю. Обычно выходят либо в понедельник, либо во вторник.

Крутая идея чувак, надеюсь у тебя все получиться и ты не бросишь эту игру. :)


No matter what i do, I cant get past the beach quest. Either she is unsatisfied, or she is but nothing happens.

Hm, maybe you should try any other attribute build?

I try to launch the 0.121v and it says "failed to load mono"

You should have a windows64stadaloneplayer folder, inside which is a Data/Mono/mono.dll. This should be a 64-bit DLL. Try to download demo again, cuz I've tested it and everything works fine for me.